I’ve never seen a country full of people who love titles. I’m serious when I literary say: I’m Dr.Mrs.Evangelist Lady Empress Promise Usoro.

Don’t ask many questions please, just address me correctly. Thank you or, is that too much to ask of you?

I hate it when I go for an event and don’t get recognized or worse, I’m classified as just an ordinary random invitee.

The other day, I was at my son’s convocation with my husband who is a Dr.Prince Architect. The MC was recognizing dignitaries and when it was our turn, he addressed my husband as Mister; simple plain Mister!!!

I was furious and told him not to stand and trust me, I made them apologize. Really, they have no idea what it took us to make a name; titles that they may never earn, their entire life put together.

I can excuse you if we are meeting for the first time and you address me wrongly. I won’t be offended with a ‘Madam’ or ‘Ma’am’… that is still used in the elite world and commands authority. I can go on and on about my love for titles but it still won’t be enough to justify the sins of those who don’t acknowledge me. You can’t blame me my countrymen, I’m in a country where titles are craved whether you deserve it or not.


Image Credit: Useful Blog

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