I met a man who said he’s tired of his life. He’d been beaten and battered by the whip of life and what was left was only but death.

His child had died at birth and his wife had died in her sleep.  His brother had gone mad and his sister had turned to the streets. His business had failed and his clients had withdrawn all their money. His manager had resigned and his staff had followed suit.

His Pastor had abandoned him and his ‘Seed’ he had none to sow. His service unit had picnic and he had little to eat for he brought no money to add to the lavish picnic.

His rent had expired and his landlord was waiting impatiently to kick him out. His lands had been taken by his debtors and his clothes had been sold to feed.

This is the man I met whose entire life is a tragedy out of an epic tale. I walked away that day thankful for my own problems for they were not worth competing with one of the man’s problems. Now dear one, there’s a life for sale. Are you willing to buy?


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How did you feel the last time a great idea came to your mind? Nothing else mattered except that idea? Fireworks went off in your head? Something shone brighter and the light bulb came on in your head? What others had to say didn’t matter? You didn’t need to think of the resources or what you needed to execute that idea? You preferred to enjoy the moment you were the smartest person in the world?

You’re not alone. Right now, about 2,000 people are having a light bulb moment and before today ends, 10,000 more will be added to that figure. It’s easy to have a light bulb moment but you should also be concerned about the after moment. WHAT NEXT? The question with a big question mark.

Do you want to keep basking in the light bulb and wait for it to go out or do you jump up and work on it? I’m afraid we live for the first so you find many of us with great ideas and no good outcome. The choice you make now is important; be ready to receive the outcome.

We need more light bulb moments but even more zeal for the driving of the moment.


Every day is a light bulb moment day so,




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