Plans are planned to fail but why do we still plan? I planned to post on Christmas Day but behold! Two days after! Better late than never right?

So where do I start from? ‘Start from the middle’, my friend Mfon always says. So the middle it shall be.

Christmas as a child meant so many things to me: food, gifts, cousins, showing off new dresses and more food. That was perfect for I thought like a child.

When I got a job as an adult, the meaning changed. I started appreciating Christmas more, maybe because I was far from family and the thought of being alone was scary.

I remember my first Christmas alone. I closed from work the morning of Christmas; got home and fought back tears as I bore the unpleasant task of calling all I cared about.

The next year’s Christmas was a bit better. A sweet lady who will become family soon stepped into to save the day! Fast forward to this year…

My work schedule had changed which meant partial or no Christmas at all for me. I was a little sad; ok maybe not a little but I had to embrace reality. I’ll not bore you with the ‘party jollof’ that eventually came my way thanks to a great fashion designer: Lilypop. I’ll tell you about some things I learnt from Christmas this year.

1. Giving:

When you give anything you give, let it be from your heart and ask nothing in return.

2.  Passion:

Passion is the only driver that can make you do things you may not want to but have to especially if someone else will lose terribly because you didn’t do what you had to do. Be passionate.

3. Love:

Love isn’t limited to your friends and family. Love should be spread to all especially foes and those you think are undeserving.


Now that’s how I spent Christmas as I look forward to a NEW YEAR.




Image Credit: Colour Box