I’ve kind of always tried to avoid this discussion but I guess this is it: I’ll have to finally let it all out; the raw data. I hear a lot of criticisms here and there, some positive and others negative. Of course, I subscribe to the positive criticisms but what happens when we somehow claim to see the bad in other people without realizing our own little faults occasionally?

The criticisms that trip me most are those meted out to men of God. Oops! A rather sensitive issue which I believe we must all tread upon carefully.  I think the first question that should be on our mind before we embark on the criticism path should be, who are men of God? An identified answer should help you make positive criticisms; most times we tend to make ourselves self-righteous. (E.g. complaining why men of God own private jets and live in luxury). I’m not justifying them, neither am I taking sides but if you were in a position where you had so much money, what will you do?

In your own little world, what have you done to make it better? I’ve heard people say that if they had that kind of money, they’ll do this and that. For me, honestly, those are stories for the gods. If you can’t buy the kids on the streets clothes or visit the orphanage or do SOMETHING NOW! then, when you are up there, you’ll never. No fights, just ponder on this.

Like I said when I started out, I’m not out to judge anyone but I’ll suggest we watch what we say because ‘a dancer cannot see that his dress is torn at the back but engrossed in the dance’. If at all you are not pleased by a particular church or doctrine, feel free to walk away but avoid speaking ill and by the way, who says men of God should be poor or live in abject poverty? *Just asking* If our God is rich in glory then are we supposed to be poor?


I’m part of the media and I know how we hype stories and exaggerate. In essence some things you read are not true but in the end, ‘Wisdom is profitable to direct’. CAUTION!!!


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