You are rare and there is none that can replace you.

You are vibrant, ever bursting with life and love.

You are balanced with patience and clarity of thought.


Your past though laden with fear and challenges,

will fade into the breaking light.

You will increase your self-esteem

and let go of guilt stemmed from past experiences.


You bring luck to those around you

And evoke positive energy to ward off darkness.

With your sight, the world is not afraid of the future;

staring distinctly into the Milky Way.


You provide a shield and many who run under your wings are safe.

You are as green as the fertile lands; blooming at the birth of the rains.

You are an evening Emerald, softer in looks but heavy in weight.


Like a Peridot, you are all of these; only better…because you are human and you are unique.


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