The man in me has so many dreams and visions. Visions to help you, help me, create a new world, rebuild a broken society and place Nigeria on the map among her peers.

The man in me stays awake all night thinking of how to achieve all these but the man in me can’t find the nerves to move a muscle. He’s eager to get out but can’t find the legs to move about. His desire to conquer knows no bounds but the limitations far outweigh the possibilities.

The man in me struggles with the man outside for the man outside is domineering. The man outside thinks he knows it all has seen it all and has heard it all. So, we can call him ITK (I too know). He silences the man inside and subdues all his efforts to help him become a changed man for good. Oh how I wish I can cane the man outside for several dreams he doth did bury and countless goals he never achieved.

The man in me doesn’t have ego problems neither does he battle with low self-esteem because he knows his place and respects others space unlike the man outside whose sole responsibility is to antagonize others and criticize others.

The man in me is tired of being held back and I sense that someday soon, he will break free. He will loose the fetters put on him by the man outside, stripping him of the wolves clothing giving way for the lion to emerge.

How I long for that day for many will be astonished; astonished to see the man outside responsible but for now, I wait patiently wait till passion consumes my quest to conquer; conquer the man who wears the shoe.


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I am pressured on every side by the person called a man. I struggle to make my voice heard and not just a reflection of my wifely duties in the kitchen.

I am pressured on every side by the person called a man. I’ve worked for 10 years with passion and dedication not just a responsibility but a willingness to contribute my own quota to the company.

When will my place be recognized among men? When will I become a boss in my company? When will I become a Governor and the wish for Presidency; a far cry?

I’m tired and bent on every side for tis a man’s world we live in…they rule, we follow.

Behold the feminist thinking! The thoughts of a few women captures in a few lines.

I am no feminist my darlings for we know not the things we say and understand not the true meaning of feminism. Look around you today, can you see a true reflection of women emancipation or a disrespect of the place of a man.

We hate to hear the truth but someone has to tell it. We can’t dispute the place of a man because we need the blend and at times, a superior authority to take a stand in certain areas of our life and society. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t support oppression of women on any grounds.

Who says your voice cannot be heard, who says you can’t be a boss of your company and who says you are still living in the 18th century where times were tough for women?

If you claim to be all independent, why do you desire to get married? Ok, I get it, this is rendered invalid now thanks to the drift in societal values. So moving on: why do you leave difficult task for men to do like servicing your car? You should fix it yourself, stay with the mechanic and get your hands all dirty. You should open the door for men and the car door for them as well. Let them exit before you and say: ‘After you Michael’, since you are competing to take their role so bad.

Perhaps we need another word to replace ‘FEMINISM’ for the sorry excuse we have to disregard men. Try walking in the shoes of ‘Sojourner Truth’ maybe those of ‘Annestine Beyer’ will fit better and let’s know if it itches.


My dear woman,

Aim to develop yourself and due respect will come. I have said mine. Can you say yours?

Do you believe in the feminist theory?


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I deal with soliloquy not because I am mad but because I am crazy. I am crazy and it’s beyond control. I am sure because my Psychiatric Doctor said so. I can still hear his words clearly: Miss. Usoro, only you can cure your craze. Our drugs have failed; the pharmaceutical companies have failed. The nurses stared at me like I’m some sort of character out of a scary movie.

At times I sit and wonder how I got to this point. How did I ever let it escalate? Why didn’t I curb it when I had the chance? Well maybe, just maybe I didn’t want to stop it. Maybe, just maybe I enjoy being crazy. Craziness has given me a new light; a way of seeing the world. Craziness made me ask my boss for a raise I deserved and resigned when not granted. Perhaps even the spirit behind the craze made my boss plead for a re-negotiation for a higher pay.

During the early days of my craze, friends left because they thought I was mad. It was good for me as it gave me the opportunity to use my time wisely not on incessant visits and unnecessary hangouts. My concerned family never understood. Some stopped calling to check on me while others encouraged the doctor to sedate me though I still have some who hang in there for me.

It’s good to be crazy I tell you. You just have to draw the line between crazy and madness. If you cross over, no one will be able to help you; not even me.

I can proudly tell you that I made someone crazy. Oh yes I did! She hung out with me for just a week and KABOOM!!! the world rejected her. Plan worked well and I sent her to another location to spread the charm.

Today, if you choose, I can help you to be crazy; I can guide you as well because a little craze is what the society needs now. It’s not ok to shut your mouth and watch things go wrong. It’s your duty to correct, help and inspire the people around you. Friends will come and go. Believe me when I say you don’t need all of them. Family may never support your plans: know when to stop explaining and start doing.

The capital may not be readily available to start the business you desire; worry less and just start from anywhere: tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Remember, there is a price for greatness which you must pay. I paid mine so you must pay yours. Pray take my hand and let’s build a world filled with crazy people.


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Today on my show, the crew analyzed a story on deceit and negligence, the ‘I don’t care’ attitude we possess as humans. It’s disheartening how we leave things undone because we believe someone else will get it done. Eventually if it’s done by someone else, we assume a new role: CRITICISM; pointing fingers and discrediting.

Have you sat back to ponder on the recent happenings around you? Have you wondered what little difference you can make in your own little capacity? One thing we all do seek for directly and indirectly: Positive change, though it may vary in different terms.

You hate the way the cleaner in your office smells: that’s fine but have you thought of buying a perfume or deodorant for her? You detest your grumpy neighbor: that’s perfect but have you tried smiling at him or her and simply asking: How are you today? Your boss is a total pain in the ass: that’s allowed but have you ever smiled at your boss when no one else is around? A simple ‘You look good madam’ Your tie is lovely sir’, can do the trick.

My father once told me: Mummy girl, there is more joy in doing something even when you are unsure of the results because if it turns out well, the same you will beat your chest and be proud of you. Really let’s look at it critically. You effect a change in your office, family, environment; you will want to tell as many people as you can that you made it happen or were a part of it.

Not everyone gets a second chance at life. Not everyone sleeps and wakes. Not everyone has the resources at your disposal and not everyone has your brain. So, now that you’re here, make it count, now that you’re here, start your own business. Now that you’re here, invest. Now that you’re here love and now that you’re here, be patriotic.

There is a call to serve Nigeria; a great call to save humanity. Don’t let the few people do all the work in rebuilding. Don’t let the cries of others not be your concern and don’t let the unkindness that is fast spreading amongst us be your sunrise.

Let the sun never set without you doing one thing for someone to show you care. Now I’m here and now that you’re here, this is my love song to you.


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