Ladies and gentlemen, today I present to you two epitomes of rare beauty and creativity; both in the same gender but possess different skills and technical know- how. Behold! The Runs Girl and the Good Babe.

THE RUNS GIRL…a round of applause please:

I’m Bella, Bella Maris.

I’m not intimidated, I have everything some women desire; yes, the hour glass shape that breaks men’s neck even when they are with another woman. I’ve never lacked anything because I have the men who pay the tit for the tat. I like to be spontaneous, explore and have fun. I believe some things are no longer possible when you are married so why not play around, fool around and gain experience most especially to avoid bedroom issues *Wink*

I won’t lie to you, I have been naughty and had sex with men but that’s just teaching me how to get better so when I eventually get married, I’ll wow him and yes, I’m getting married next month!!! So when I’m married, that crazy part of me is over. Besides, you’ll agree with me that no man wants to get married to a lady with no sexual experience.

People call me a runs girl but that’s none of my business. It’s all a game of cards: Anyone can win and anyone can lose.

I can’t have sexual issues because I’m good! Meibel may tell you otherwise but don’t judge; I have no regrets and I’m getting married!!!…


Hello, I’m Meibel, Meibel Taylor

I’m just a God fearing simple girl from a Christian home. I come from a family where we keep secrets and consider some topics too unholy to discuss; like sex. The mere mention of that word “sex” sends shivers down my spine. All men ever want is to sleep with me and move on. Some even tell me directly while others want it forcefully.

I made up my mind a long time ago never to sleep with anyone and that includes my boyfriend. The Bible forbids premarital sex and I’ll stand by the Book. I broke up with my boyfriend because at a point, he wanted to sleep with me and engage in other sexual acts. I had told him that my body is the temple of God and can only be explored by my husband.

I haven’t been in any other relationship because I don’t want to be found wanting. I read a lot and will know what to do when I get married but some of my friend’s fear that I might have issues if I’ve never ‘explored’ but that’s none of my business. I know I’ll carry out my bedroom duties well so I see no threat and feel no pressure to give in. Having done the math in my head, I date four guys and sleep with them, so if I break up, move on and date another guy again, that’s a total of five guys I’ve slept with and it goes on and on.

I’m not getting married like Bella and to be honest, I never understand why the bad girls get the good guys and we don’t but whatever happens, I’m never giving in.


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