Every day, we are faced with a constant battle of choice. We spend each passing minute making a choice about something. What to eat, what to wear, which lipstick to apply, which tie goes with the shirt; to keep a beard or not to keep it, to go to work or call in sick, to resign from the job or keep searching for better opportunities. The list is endless.

Every day, we are faced with a constant battle of choice.  To be happy or not to be happy. To smile or frown, to express anger or bottle it in. To throw caution to the wind and fight it out or to be the bigger man and walk away.

A choice to choose is a choice not to choose but in all the choices chosen or not chosen, happiness is the desire. We all desire happiness so we try to do everything in our capacity to be happy; we either end up happy or unhappy. How then can we fix it?

It’s not that easy to fix but we can try. Keep working however best you know how to, in order to be happy. Do things that please you. Make out time for things or people that make you happy so in the end, you can be proud to say you’ve truly lived.


Image Credit: Walk in my Shoes


The best version of me isn’t perfect. She’s annoying in a sweet way and strong willed. I’m not sure she embraces no as an answer all the time neither does she impose her will on another.

The best version of me is rough. She’s cut out from stones and falls when dropped. I’m not sure she breaks neither does she crack.

The best version of me hasn’t figured her life out. She has her personal struggles and public flaws. I’m not sure she’s built all the confidence she needs in today’s world neither has she acquired all the skills to build her career.

The best version of me is ready to grow. She’s ready to improve and keep doing the best she can. I’m not sure she’ll quit neither will she accept defeat and hide in shame.



Image Credit: The Chad Barr Group