Stopping in the open space

there I stood.

Amazed at the influx filling the place.

Boys and girls in different sizes

men and women with different prices.


I had a clear picture in my head;

a clear picture or so I thought.

If I buy bread and cake

will I make it and take;

take to the children that heard


heard of my kind heart and might?

Shall I buy from you or you

will you sell and be true;

true to the price at which you drew

drew from the stream at which you knew.


Stopping in front of an open stall;

approached by a woman who seemed so tall.

Sell bread and cake to me I call

so that I may leave and let you be;

for hunger and thirst has bent my knee.


Image Credit: Travelstart


I’m stuck in the middle of the road, not that I have intentions of being knocked down by a car. I really want to walk away or run across but no, I simply can’t. No matter how hard I try, my feet refuses to move and so, I stand there hoping not to get knocked down.

I’m crushed on the inside, unloved and abandoned; no wonder I’m stuck at cross roads I’m not suicidal but maybe hallucinating of moments that the nose will cease to breathe and the heart will stop to pump.

I’m stuck in the middle of the road, not that I have intentions of being knocked down by a car. I stand there making wishes of things I long for; of things I want to change and the sacrifices I’ve made for others.

Why is human desire so consuming like a hungry bushfire ridding everything in its path. I once knew love but now I know pain; its sweet taste lingering in my mouth.

I’m crushed on the inside but I turn just in time to see the truck heading for me; the driver had lost control.  I closed my eye waiting for the moment when I’ll be free. Then, He grabs me out of nowhere and pushes me to safety; whispering in my ear: ‘I’m always here for you’.

I find warmth in His arms such calm and peace and joy.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY LOVE”. Tis then I smiled the smile I longed.


Image Credit: The Covenant of Rainbow