What if we wake up one morning to realize that internet has ceased to exist? No more Google, no more Facebook, no Twitter, no Gmail, no Yahoo, no nothing!!!

Would your first reaction be: Oh my God or OMG! I won’t be able to post my pictures! All that selfie wasting! Or will it be: where am I gonna get materials to do my term paper? For those of us who like free things: Jeezzzz! No more Wiki!!!!; Exclaiming with our eyes bulging from the socket.

The smarties will most likely assume that an error occurred somewhere: maybe a technical hitch so sites are down but will be restored real soon right after they’ve had breakfast.

But then, the morning drags by, afternoon and then evening, still no show. Perhaps panic sets in at this point and trust the media: ‘DOOMS DAY: WORLDWIDE INTERNET SHUTDOWN’ making headline news. Now, your eyes are glued to the TV and ears stuck on the radio for updates on the situation.

After all the hype, the noise and the drama fades, the reality of the situation sets in but hold on… Do you realize that a world without internet will be normal? I’m not crazy but let’s look at the situation of things generally. Everything that though strange, acceptable or non-acceptable becomes normal after a while once it’s been known or identified. Centuries ago, it was normal to have really large computers then smaller ones were produced. Now, it’s normal and no news to see sophisticated digital devices. This has been identified and so now normal. A world without internet will likewise be the same.

Libraries will be more utilized because you don’t have a choice and what about the brain? So imagine years gone by and you’re telling your great- grand-kids how you had internet. They’ll laugh and only wonder what it felt like to have access to one but it will be normal in their time that it doesn’t exist and perhaps trigger them to reproduce such tales.


Image Credit: TechRepublic

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