Where the heart lies is not in its toes. Where the heart lies is not in its knees. Where the heart lies is not in its head but where the heart lies is in its heart.

The pumping rhythm it makes is a reminder of a lie; a lie I once heard, one too many.  A tale of love, true love and deceit; a tale that can make a grown man cry. And so I place my hand on my chest; an attempt to get closer to my heart, for with each thud comes an ache; an ache of love once promised.

I did try oh yes I did! I gave my all and all my best. Day and night I toiled and strived, to make you love me for me. Oh please don’t leave on this cold night, for I’m afraid of what lies ahead. Looming danger, I perceive but no his words he bent on it.

He took his jacket and headed out, out into the icy night. I did run after him, I tell you I did, as fast as my tiny legs could carry. His anger didn’t let him see, what true love I did have for him. And so he shoved me to the ground and took wider steps ahead.

Tis then I looked up and saw, the tree did fall a fall indeed. “Peter Okon”, I screamed but no my Peter was gone… I picked myself and ran to him “Peter please stay with me” but Peter turned an icy cold, with his cold stir at me. “I’m sorry Peter but I do love you” but Peter… Peter had passed away.

Did I kill Peter? I don’t think so for I feel sadness all around. Where the heart lies is grieve and pain; pain of a love unreturned. Where the heart lies is hurt and fear; fear of ever loving again.


Image Credit: Elle