Let go of the past for it belongs in the past. Its mission has been accomplished and delivered as instructed.

Those chains you’re holding onto are bruising your delicate hands. Your palms are red and your fingers are blistered. Don’t you see that with each passing day you keep holding onto those chains, it’s bleeding you and soon will leave long lasting scars that will reflect deep within your soul?

You took those shackles by yourself and placed then on your feet. You’re unable to move because it’s weighing you down and soon, you will stagger and fall. Don’t you see that when you fall, you will find it so hard to rise because your hands and feet are bound?

Now, you sit on the chair, unwilling to get up; not even ready to rock it back and forth, perhaps the rhythm will bring you back to life and remind you of all the good things you have allowed pass you by. Don’t you see that as you sit, seconds are becoming minutes, minutes are becoming hours, hours are becoming days, days are becoming nights, nights are becoming weeks, weeks are becoming months and months are becoming years?

The world will not wait for you to decide when it pleases you to let go of the chains and shackles of the past. Decide today; decide now to get up from that chair of sorrow, regrets, heartbreaks and failures. Let go of the past and embrace now while hugging the future.


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Life is like a mystery with its ups and downs. Some days it looks like you’re progressing, taking all the huge steps to achieve your goals and other days it looks like a force more powerful than your fears is pulling you down. It feels like the descent is quicker than the ascent.

Life is like a mystery with ins and outs. Some days you feel so full of ideas like a yam barn during a good harvest. It’s like you can outrun Aliko Dangote in business. Other days, you’re bereaved of ideas and nothing productive comes out of you like a fast flowing tap suddenly turned off.

Life is like a mystery with its lefts and rights. Some days you make the right decisions like a farmer who knows well to plant cassava in the South because of its high demand, like a block layer who knows well to combine coke with bread. Other days, you blunder and struggle, full of regrets like a taxi driver who turns left into a one way, driving against traffic and having Road Safety on his tail.

With the ups and downs, the ins and the outs, the lefts and the rights, life’s mysteries cannot be solved but can only be endured, enjoyed or unraveled.

In the end, it’s your decision to make whether to live each day as it comes, making the best out of it or wallow in self-pity wishing for silver spoons that may never come.


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You are rare and there is none that can replace you.

You are vibrant, ever bursting with life and love.

You are balanced with patience and clarity of thought.


Your past though laden with fear and challenges,

will fade into the breaking light.

You will increase your self-esteem

and let go of guilt stemmed from past experiences.


You bring luck to those around you

And evoke positive energy to ward off darkness.

With your sight, the world is not afraid of the future;

staring distinctly into the Milky Way.


You provide a shield and many who run under your wings are safe.

You are as green as the fertile lands; blooming at the birth of the rains.

You are an evening Emerald, softer in looks but heavy in weight.


Like a Peridot, you are all of these; only better…because you are human and you are unique.


Image Credit: JTV.com