I am dead and so are you. That careless expression on your face right now convinces me that you really are dead.  You might want to speak up for I can’t hear you through all that mumbling. You choose to grumble without hearing me out to the end. Suit yourself for your actions keep betraying you like a dead man.

I am dead and so are you. The second we looked at our neighbor with disdain, we became dead for we killed him silently in our heart.  The minute we said an unkind word to the driver who almost hit our car, we became dead for we could have spoken to him without cursing and swearing. The hour we looked past someone who needed help, we became dead for we had what it took to help selflessly. The day we told a little white lie believing no one will ever know we became dead for a lie is a lie and can never be sugar-coated.

I am dead and so are you. Last week we lost faith and hope because things didn’t go as planned.  We became dead for we forgot that we have a new week ahead of us to re-plan or start again.

I am dead and so are you but I must ask you if you enjoy being dead for tis such a simple thing to be and very hard to live. I started dying unconsciously until the grave became my home. You my dear one have a chance; another chance at life itself.

Take each day as it comes and give it your best. Never lose hope and faith for the dead have nothing to offer. I speak now so that you might live again for I need no partner in staying dead.


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Maybe if there was a day after Sunday, I’ll look forward to work on Monday.

Maybe if there were 48 hours in a day, I’ll make 12 profitable.

Maybe if 1,000 days made a year, I’ll sleep through 500.

Maybe if we had more rain than sun in Northern Nigeria, I’ll be a farmer.


Maybe if I were born a man, I’ll tell a woman to propose to me (#feminism)

Maybe if I was born a woman, I’ll pay the bills and house my man.

Maybe if I had a daughter, I’ll name her ‘Future’.

Maybe if I had a son, I’ll name him ‘Tomorrow’.


Maybe if I had friends, I’ll go out more often.

Maybe if I had no friends. I’ll spend less time and less money.

Maybe if I had a job, I’ll wish I could sleep back when my alarm rings.

Maybe if I had no job, I’ll fast and pray for favor from above.


Maybe if I stop wishing, I’ll stay more focused and live happier.

Maybe if I appreciate the things I have, I’ll be more driven to work for tomorrow.

Maybe if I stop complaining, I’ll love me better and love you better.


So it matters not if it’s 24 hours in a day or 365(6) days in a year OR rain falls and sun shines OR I am man/woman OR I have a daughter/son OR friends and a job/no job; what matters is ME: I’m here now and so are you. Make each day count.


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