I haven’t been this excited since the last time I was excited. Lately, I have been feeling unappreciated, underrated and underestimated. I have been let down, sad and emotionally drained; then, my phone rang.

‘Dear Henrietta, you have been selected to give a talk on public speaking in Lagos’. Wow! Me of all people! Me that people looked down on! Me that someone said I will not amount to anything… called to Lagos!

It is not as if I have never been to Lagos, it is that feeling of importance; being recognized as someone who can impact lives.

The week to the trip, I could barely sleep. Days to the trip, you can imagine how I was.

I made my way to the airport and went through all the process; even smiling at the ever hostile airport workers because I cared not for them that day.

The flight was scheduled for 2:30pm. 1:45pm, still excited. 1:50pm, couldn’t keep calm so I started pacing. 2:00pm, expecting a boarding call. 2:15pm…nothing. 2:20pm…NOTHING. 2:30pm…NOTHING!!! 3:00pm, a lady announces the cancellation of the flight. My heart fell to my toes; I took a seat, unable to speak.

As I made my way home that day, I reflected on all the events. Yes, I was disappointed but, I was still happy that someone remembered me and found me worthy to address people.

We may have setbacks on the road to success, we may not even see the road or unsure, which path to take. There could be delays and tough times but it never stays the night.

The length of night is relative and may not be counted in minutes nor days; it could be months or years BUT, it will pass.


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We all have those moments when nothing seems to work. Everything you do ends up in failure. Nothing right you do, agrees to stay right.

At that point, it looks like you are surrounded by everything negative: people, bosses, friends, family, husband, wife, children. At that point, it looks like they don’t support you; they don’t care or are too occupied to reach out.

Even the universe seems to turn its back on you. You almost got hit by a car, you had a miscarriage, a still birth, lost a loved one, lost your job, house; nothing seems to work.

You begin to question yourself and wonder what you did wrong. ‘Is there something I could have done better?’, nothing seems to work. You are at a low place, the light at the end of the tunnel has gone out…STOP.

When nothing seems to work, you work. You are alive with hope and that is what has been keeping you; failure after failure, loss after loss, betrayal after betrayal. Hope, that things will get better. Hope, that next time you apply for a job, you will be employed. Hope, that the sun will shine again no matter how long and heavy the rain falls. Hope, that you will grope your way to the end of the tunnel and turn on the light.

When nothing seems to work, you work!!!

Keep Faith Alive.

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