The best version of me isn’t perfect. She’s annoying in a sweet way and strong willed. I’m not sure she embraces no as an answer all the time neither does she impose her will on another.

The best version of me is rough. She’s cut out from stones and falls when dropped. I’m not sure she breaks neither does she crack.

The best version of me hasn’t figured her life out. She has her personal struggles and public flaws. I’m not sure she’s built all the confidence she needs in today’s world neither has she acquired all the skills to build her career.

The best version of me is ready to grow. She’s ready to improve and keep doing the best she can. I’m not sure she’ll quit neither will she accept defeat and hide in shame.



Image Credit: The Chad Barr Group

6 Replies to “BEST VERSION”

  1. nothing has been more magical than the magic of self discovery…cuz that’s when you really get to enjoy your life.
    it’s one of man most difficult task- it can take a lifetime but when you do… it’s like u had that Apple- ur eyes are
    I see your wand Ma’am

    beautiful piece

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