It’s many people’s favorite month, loaded with meanings and celebrations. From parties to weddings, from Christmas to food… and more food; a general atmosphere of what our Yoruba friends call ‘Owambe’, indeed, it is happening here!

The rare beauty and joy of an opaque Turquoise December. A time to show off ‘I am doing well in the city’ to our counterparts in the village. A time to visit the less privilege and be nice to as many people as we can.

Turquoise December, valuable in all its shades; a remembrance of the good tidings it brings as we prepare to sing ‘Joy to the world’ and act ‘Jesus is born’.
‘If only Christmas is everyday’, I heard someone whisper. I turned and smiled for Christmas starts from 1st December in this part of the world.

Turquoise December, sacred and revered, believed to birth protection. Turquoise December, bonded by love and saved by grace.


Image Credit: The Fine Finder


  1. Yes, if we know the real reason for Xmas we can celebrate it everyday of our lives & every month of the year! Yes, Jesus is The Real Reason for Xmas, let’s celebrate him everyday!

  2. Indeed a torquoise December!! Can’t wait to see the chickens and turkeys that will give their lives for the greater good of my stomach.. Such depiction of salvation! .. Good write up ma.. And happy new month.

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