Every day, we are faced with a constant battle of choice. We spend each passing minute making a choice about something. What to eat, what to wear, which lipstick to apply, which tie goes with the shirt; to keep a beard or not to keep it, to go to work or call in sick, to resign from the job or keep searching for better opportunities. The list is endless.

Every day, we are faced with a constant battle of choice.  To be happy or not to be happy. To smile or frown, to express anger or bottle it in. To throw caution to the wind and fight it out or to be the bigger man and walk away.

A choice to choose is a choice not to choose but in all the choices chosen or not chosen, happiness is the desire. We all desire happiness so we try to do everything in our capacity to be happy; we either end up happy or unhappy. How then can we fix it?

It’s not that easy to fix but we can try. Keep working however best you know how to, in order to be happy. Do things that please you. Make out time for things or people that make you happy so in the end, you can be proud to say you’ve truly lived.


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13 Replies to “HAPPINESS”

  1. Yeah, happiness is a choice! You don’t have to postpone happiness, if you are not happy right now in the present situation of your life, you will never be happy tomorrow. ‘Oh, I will be happy when I marry that man or woman of my dream, I will be happy when I have children, I will be happy when I build that house. Happiness is within & not outside of us, & most of all, it’s a choice!

  2. The key to happiness is right inside your pocket! Just grab it and open the door to discover how beautiful it is. I have chosen to be always be happy amidst life’s challenges.

  3. Happiness is not just a choice but a must do…
    Too many struggles… Emotional, physical, psychological etc..
    Majority of people you see are covered with make up and fine cloth.
    Some don’t know where the next meal will come from
    Some don’t know how they will survive the day
    So many are emotionally broken
    With daily life’s issh
    Broken relationships
    Broken homes
    Empty bank account
    No job
    Some can’t even afford a place yo call home
    The list is endless
    But the truth is we all have one chance(life)
    Live each day like it’s your last
    How? Ok listen
    Truth is happiness begins with you
    Make up your mind and tell yourself no matter what no problem can weigh me down
    You might not have the luxury to spoil your self silly
    Listen to music,
    Watch good movies
    Seat outside your house(yes)
    Watch people
    Smell the free air
    Gradually……….. It will kill the odd mode
    It would motivate new ideas etc
    The most important thing of all to do
    Stay with God that’s the ultimate inner peace. Try it…

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