The man in me has so many dreams and visions. Visions to help you, help me, create a new world, rebuild a broken society and place Nigeria on the map among her peers.

The man in me stays awake all night thinking of how to achieve all these but the man in me can’t find the nerves to move a muscle. He’s eager to get out but can’t find the legs to move about. His desire to conquer knows no bounds but the limitations far outweigh the possibilities.

The man in me struggles with the man outside for the man outside is domineering. The man outside thinks he knows it all has seen it all and has heard it all. So, we can call him ITK (I too know). He silences the man inside and subdues all his efforts to help him become a changed man for good. Oh how I wish I can cane the man outside for several dreams he doth did bury and countless goals he never achieved.

The man in me doesn’t have ego problems neither does he battle with low self-esteem because he knows his place and respects others space unlike the man outside whose sole responsibility is to antagonize others and criticize others.

The man in me is tired of being held back and I sense that someday soon, he will break free. He will loose the fetters put on him by the man outside, stripping him of the wolves clothing giving way for the lion to emerge.

How I long for that day for many will be astonished; astonished to see the man outside responsible but for now, I wait patiently wait till passion consumes my quest to conquer; conquer the man who wears the shoe.


Image Credit: Newsfirst

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