Will you stroke my hair, my love?

Will you kiss me with such passion?

A passion I see portrayed by the bravest of them all.

Will you stand by me and show me to the world?

…a rare gem made for such a time as this.


Will you slay kings for my sake, my love?

Will you conquer nations for me?

…conquer nations for me more than Napoleon Bonaparte?

Will you bring home the spoils of war?

…a war started by fear and jealousy.


Will you put me above the fairest of maidens, my love?

Will you dine and wine with me?

…wine with me with fine glass from America.

Will you dine with me?

…dine with me with fine China from China.


Will you hold me close to your chest, my love?

Will you let your heart beat in agreement of our love?

…our love purer than the finest of waters.

Will you fall asleep in my arms dear one?

…a sleep far better than death itself.


Image Credit: Vine Pair

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