Maybe if there was a day after Sunday, I’ll look forward to work on Monday.

Maybe if there were 48 hours in a day, I’ll make 12 profitable.

Maybe if 1,000 days made a year, I’ll sleep through 500.

Maybe if we had more rain than sun in Northern Nigeria, I’ll be a farmer.


Maybe if I were born a man, I’ll tell a woman to propose to me (#feminism)

Maybe if I was born a woman, I’ll pay the bills and house my man.

Maybe if I had a daughter, I’ll name her ‘Future’.

Maybe if I had a son, I’ll name him ‘Tomorrow’.


Maybe if I had friends, I’ll go out more often.

Maybe if I had no friends. I’ll spend less time and less money.

Maybe if I had a job, I’ll wish I could sleep back when my alarm rings.

Maybe if I had no job, I’ll fast and pray for favor from above.


Maybe if I stop wishing, I’ll stay more focused and live happier.

Maybe if I appreciate the things I have, I’ll be more driven to work for tomorrow.

Maybe if I stop complaining, I’ll love me better and love you better.


So it matters not if it’s 24 hours in a day or 365(6) days in a year OR rain falls and sun shines OR I am man/woman OR I have a daughter/son OR friends and a job/no job; what matters is ME: I’m here now and so are you. Make each day count.


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