You are afraid of death and so are you. The mere mention of the word ‘death’ sends chills down your spine let alone the horrified look on your face each time someone you know passes on or you stumble upon some gory image on social media. The newspapers are not any better; right there on the front pages.

You are afraid of death and so are you. That fear of the unknown, that uncertainty about what’s on the other side. This by far is more consuming than anything you can imagine, or so you think.

You are afraid of death and so are you but have you ever wondered why you are afraid of death? Is it because your lifestyle is questionable, you find yourself doing what you ought not to be doing? OR you’re putting up an act the world expects to see while behind closed doors you’re a she wolf? OR you are doing less than what you’re meant to be doing, just afraid for fear sake? OR you don’t even know why you’re scared?

You are afraid of death and so are you but let me tell you a truth so pure. Whether you’re afraid or not, what will be will be and what won’t be won’t be so why not put fear aside and live your life putting in all you have?

Do you know that death lies in tomorrow? Every new second and minute is a step closer to tomorrow, every new hour and day is a step closer to tomorrow? Do you also know that life lies in tomorrow? It also lies in every second, minute, hour and day?

Why not live today putting fear of death aside? Why not live today like tomorrow may never come? Eventually if tomorrow never comes, you can be proud that you lived today. Let it be that if tomorrow never comes, you’ve loved today, helped today, been happy today and enjoyed moments today for life is beautiful and you can live it only once.


Image Credit: Cindy Trimm


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