The tale of Lagos socialite, ‘Pretty Mike’, has set social media ablaze; the man who puts his ladies on ‘chain’. Did I say chain? I meant ‘Dog Leash’. The best part is that he steps out with them to public functions. #HumanBingo.

So many people especially the women folk literally want Mike’s head; reigning curses and abuses on him like acid rain, falling in ‘Ibeno town’. And so I hear: How dare he degrade women to dogs! Who does he think he is just because he feels he has money to throw around! Would he treat his mother and sister this way… let’s just say, so much drama.

At this point, I beg to stand aside. Dear Pretty Mike, do you have enough dog leashes? I’ll be glad to supply you with more. If you ever run out of it, ‘Hola’ and I’ll be at your service.

Now, I see you huffing and puffing, blowing hot and vibrating. ‘How can she say such an evil thing, supporting such dastardly act to a fellow woman?’

PAUSE…Come! Let us reason together!

What is self- worth? Simply put it, the value you place on yourself. Now, let’s do a simple Math.

Your self- worth + Your visible (physical) self-worth= External value placed on you.

Logically, how you value yourself and let people see and know, is how they value you. I’m still not making sense? Let’s go back to ‘Pretty Mike’ and his friends.

Obviously! The girls agreed to be put on a leash so why are we fighting ‘a just cause’ when the ladies clearly look undisturbed? Life I’ve always come to know is a choice so whatever you decide is really your business. I dare not insult Pretty Mike for he only judged by the standard set.

So many of us scream FEMINISM at the top of our voice yet I ask, why blame men for everything and where we are today when we have the power to change the choices we make? Why won’t we have many more Pretty Mikes when we do not place value on ourselves? Maybe we need many more Pretty Mikes to wake us from our long slumber and start the revolution from within before we think of without.

So again I ask, ‘Dear Pretty Mike, need more leashes?’


Image Credit: 360Nobs

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