Why on Earth will William do this to me? Today of all days, this time of all times, this road of all roads…

‘Hello William. Baba you no try, you no try! Dis ting you do me, I no fit do you baba!’. ‘Ifiok abeg no vex, you’re my man na, no vex. Just go easy, you go come reach’. I sighed as I hung up.

I might get home today by 10pm just because I couldn’t say no. Today is my off day and my friend William needed to pick up a parcel that was mistakenly sent to Nyanya Motor Park. He begged me to help him pick it and here I am one hour later still stuck in Nyanya traffic.

I’ve heard so much about Nyanya traffic but I never believed such traffic exists in Abuja. Another reason I accepted was because since Nyanya Motor Park re-opened after the Boko Haram bombing in 2014 that claimed about 88 lives, I haven’t been there. Now, my good deed is costing me time and fuel including sleep.

Half an hour after driving bumper to bumper, I sighted a beautiful lady from a distance. She was having a hard time getting a taxi. ‘Hello, where are you going? Come in’. ‘Thank you sir, thank you. I have been standing there for 15 minutes and can’t find a vehicle to Wuse 2’. ‘Eya, sorry’. ‘No sir, I thank you again’.

Wow! What a beauty! This lady is beautiful! I bet this one eats only Indomie and egg. It definitely can’t be Akpu. ‘So, what’s your name? Mine is Ifiok’. ‘Mine is Victory’. ‘That’s a nice name. So, what do you do Victory?’. ‘I’m into business. I sell jewelries and cosmetics so I went to Nyanya market to buy some things’. ‘That’s good, very good’…

I’m lying on my bed unable to sleep only wondering why women are very wicked! 11pm and I still can’t sleep and I need to be at work in the morning. I mean how can I sleep? Tell me how!!!

Victory indeed was victorious. I bet this is what she does to men. After taking her to Wuse 2 when my route was Apo, giving her N20,000 to support her business, she said: ‘Ifiok, I’m engaged’, and alighted from my car just like that! Sitting in my car all the way from Nyanya and collecting my money, she didn’t know she was engaged abi! God will judge her. He will judge. In fact, that money will not amount to anything!

  • Wuse 2, Nyanya and Apo are places in Abuja
  • Akpu is a local food made with cassava.

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  1. Hahaha…this actually timely, I was having a stressful day. I have laughing since I read this story. For me this one is a victorious dupe…

    Thanks Edima

  2. Haha! That’s funny! You pick a girl on the road that you don’t even know ever b/f! What if she pulled out a gun on you!!! And I didn’t hear you say she asked you for money. You must have had so much b/f giving her so much free will offering! Then why don’t you let God bless you for the offering instead of having a septic mind about her ?

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