I deal with soliloquy not because I am mad but because I am crazy. I am crazy and it’s beyond control. I am sure because my Psychiatric Doctor said so. I can still hear his words clearly: Miss. Usoro, only you can cure your craze. Our drugs have failed; the pharmaceutical companies have failed. The nurses stared at me like I’m some sort of character out of a scary movie.

At times I sit and wonder how I got to this point. How did I ever let it escalate? Why didn’t I curb it when I had the chance? Well maybe, just maybe I didn’t want to stop it. Maybe, just maybe I enjoy being crazy. Craziness has given me a new light; a way of seeing the world. Craziness made me ask my boss for a raise I deserved and resigned when not granted. Perhaps even the spirit behind the craze made my boss plead for a re-negotiation for a higher pay.

During the early days of my craze, friends left because they thought I was mad. It was good for me as it gave me the opportunity to use my time wisely not on incessant visits and unnecessary hangouts. My concerned family never understood. Some stopped calling to check on me while others encouraged the doctor to sedate me though I still have some who hang in there for me.

It’s good to be crazy I tell you. You just have to draw the line between crazy and madness. If you cross over, no one will be able to help you; not even me.

I can proudly tell you that I made someone crazy. Oh yes I did! She hung out with me for just a week and KABOOM!!! the world rejected her. Plan worked well and I sent her to another location to spread the charm.

Today, if you choose, I can help you to be crazy; I can guide you as well because a little craze is what the society needs now. It’s not ok to shut your mouth and watch things go wrong. It’s your duty to correct, help and inspire the people around you. Friends will come and go. Believe me when I say you don’t need all of them. Family may never support your plans: know when to stop explaining and start doing.

The capital may not be readily available to start the business you desire; worry less and just start from anywhere: tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Remember, there is a price for greatness which you must pay. I paid mine so you must pay yours. Pray take my hand and let’s build a world filled with crazy people.


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