The ‘distance far’ is quite some time.

Hurry as you may, it never does come for time itself is a ‘distance far’ depending on the type of clock you use.

Some look at the ‘distance far’ wishing it will yield doth fruit; a reward for hard labor, perhaps hope for a better tomorrow.

Others look at the ‘distance far’ afraid of what it might be while the rest cling to the ‘past gone’ unaware there is a ‘distance far’.


A day came when I met a stranger on a rather rainy day. I shared my umbrella with her and she told me about the ‘present near’.

The ‘present near’ had possibilities and expectations but the ‘present near’ was still full of doubts, doubts that the ‘past gone’ might poke its evil nose in it.

The stranger and I decided to try, to try only what a few would do… mix the ‘present near’ with the ‘distance far’ and see what juice it would produce.

It may be bitter; it may be sweet. It may be bland or simply plain.

Whatever we get, we then shall drink for what use will it be if we dare not try?


Three years have gone by since the fine blend. I’ve counted more gains than losses incurred.

Today, I dare you to try. Blend the ‘present near’ with the ‘distance far’.

You might get the bland juice at first; perhaps in the middle or somewhere along the line.

That’s normal and shouldn’t scare you.

Just remember: the juice is sweeter in the end… most times, you want more.


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