There are phases we all must go through; as far as life exists, there is no running from it. Deep down, we know those dark days will come but we choose not to acknowledge or believe ‘it can never be me’. The day you stop time is the day these days won’t come. Till then, what happens?

I propose you brace up for such days. I call them ‘THE TUNNEL’. It’s dark, lonely, long and scary; you most likely would be travelling through it alone. Here, you may be tempted to give up, angry, feel betrayed, weep, etc. But, whatever happens, don’t stop. Draw your strength from inside you, it’s there. Hang on to God, your entirety depends on Him. At this point, He’s all you’ve got. If you’re lucky to have a support system, you’re almost at the end of the tunnel. If not, find things to do that make you happy and remember, it’s OK to breakdown, you’re human. Just don’t stay there for too long and lose yourself.

‘THE WAIT’, oh goodness! Another episode! Faith is built, hopes are high, all pumped up BUT… it’s taking forever. Resist the temptation to slip into ‘THE TUNNEL’. It’s not your fault that you’re becoming impatient and all those bottled-up emotions are out again.  In all my Earth days, I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been disappointed or anxious during THE WAIT’; might be the fear of the unknown, pressure or previously dashed hopes. During THE WAIT’, please, WAIT’. Whatever good thing it takes, or how long, WAIT.

Truth is, many of us return to ‘THE TUNNEL’. If you do, you must find your way back to THE WAIT’ because after THE WAIT’ comes THE LIGHT’.

Everything good will come

Image Credit: Britannica