Can we sacrifice for people? If we say yes, how much can we really sacrifice especially for people we have no ties to? Naturally as humans, we seek gains and returns but, I met a man…

A man who agreed to leave His comfort zone to help others. A man who was rejected by His own people and taunted by the very custodians of laws and religious leaders. A man who healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons and did not discriminate between rich and poor, classy and classless. A man who did not care that He was betrayed by His friends and the very people He came to help. A man who was eventually killed for no justifiable reason. A man who ultimately, returned to His comfort zone and still promised to keep helping despite everything.

This is the man I met.

Looking at the life of the man I met, I see sacrifice, I see love, I see selflessness. Daily, I strive to be like this man; you should too whether or not a day or four is set aside to remember this man… A man far more valuable than Easter Egg.

Image Credit: Aleteia