National Stakeholders Forum on the 2023 General Elections

Working under pressure just seems to have a way of finding me and I have grown to embrace it. Hosting the National Stakeholders Forum on the 2023 General Elections is one of the highlights of my work this year. The MC went MIA last minute, the queen of the mic stepped in and it’s safe to say the rest was history. Happy election stakeholders, happy partner organisations, happy media and happy me. Job well delivered. Be sure to hire me today.

Osun State Governorship Election – 2022

Working for the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room (Situation Room) for the 2022 Osun State Governorship Election was incredible. As an accredited domestic election observer heading the communications for the Situation Room, I went out to gather reports and pictures of the election environment whenever I wasn’t occupied at the command centre. For the Osun State elections, it appears the people’s will prevailed. A credible election leads to a good government and satisfied citizens, although more work has to be done in Nigerian elections.