Social media came bearing gifts; lots of pros and of course, cons. We envisaged a world becoming a global village and set off on the path to achieving it. Rapidly it has progressed, fully guided by the affordability of data.

Now, another reality is born…

People no longer read to understand and process varying views and opinions. Everyone is quick to state their point and buttress it. A varying opinion equates ‘an enemy’ who must be viciously attacked. People have become keypad warriors.

Away from the social media, people no longer listen. Hearing is not the same as listening. Everyone is quick to hear with the intent to reply and not to understand. We have to realize that it is not all about us. If you like to be heard, be rest assured that others like it too.

Start now to make a conscious effort to listen when others speak or you interact on social media. Always remember, we come from different backgrounds and have different orientations.

Be Tolerant.

Image Credit: 123RF