Pressure! Sound familiar? ‘Your mates are doing well and you’re not. Your sister is married and you are still single. She is not even pregnant till now and she’s been married since’.

Pressure! Looks familiar? ‘Edidiong bought a Benz GLC last week. Okon built a duplex in Guzape some months ago. Kokomma posted pictures from Seychelles and Dubai’.

Pressure! Feels familiar? ‘I can’t afford the good things in life. I can’t buy the dress from CJ Allahandro. I can’t…’.

Pressure! Let off steam and breathe. You are doing just fine and there is room to be better; not to engage in fruitless tension and competition but to strive to be a better version of yourself.

The year unfolds before you. What you choose to do with it lies in the decision you make. Whatever you decide, don’t let the pressure of life get the best part of you.

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9 Replies to “PRESSURE”

  1. Pressure is part of existence, it is normal to feel it but it is absurd to dwell too much on it without trying to move on in life. Like the bible says, a living dog is better than a dead lion

  2. Thanks for the reminder that life is not a competition! Most things that we want & worry about in life, we don’t even need them, they’re just avaricious wants!

  3. Pressure creates fomo (fear of missing out) and vice versa. Focus on continuously improving yourself and let it breathe!
    I enjoyed this, thanks!

  4. Pressure, sure sounds familiar!
    For some it is the spring that catapults them unto a higher pedestal. Some indeed achieve their very optimum best when under pressure!
    Yet, for some, pressure is the unholy tonic that fuels bitter rivalry and unwholesome competition! This can be deadly!
    Take life easy . Be always thankful. You are Odudu and not Odumatin!

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