I hear the silence in the distance

It beckons to the deep in me, urging me to pay attention

To focus on the calmness of the waters as the sun sets.

It beckons to the deep in me, urging me to let go of the hurt and pain

To focus on the wins and joys that it gives.

I hear the silence in the distance

Quiet yet speaks volumes in the calmness of the waters

In the light of the setting sun…

A gradual fade into the distance far.

I hear the silence in the distance

For it holds many memories

Of light, love, hope and sacrifice.

For as the sky descends in the distance far, so is the loud silence in the distance far.

Photo Credit: Otu Akpanobong

Osun State Governorship Election – 2022

Working for the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room (Situation Room) for the 2022 Osun State Governorship Election was incredible. As an accredited domestic election observer heading the communications for the Situation Room, I went out to gather reports and pictures of the election environment whenever I wasn’t occupied at the command centre. For the Osun State elections, it appears the people’s will prevailed. A credible election leads to a good government and satisfied citizens, although more work has to be done in Nigerian elections.


Social media came bearing gifts; lots of pros and of course, cons. We envisaged a world becoming a global village and set off on the path to achieving it. Rapidly it has progressed, fully guided by the affordability of data.

Now, another reality is born…

People no longer read to understand and process varying views and opinions. Everyone is quick to state their point and buttress it. A varying opinion equates ‘an enemy’ who must be viciously attacked. People have become keypad warriors.

Away from the social media, people no longer listen. Hearing is not the same as listening. Everyone is quick to hear with the intent to reply and not to understand. We have to realize that it is not all about us. If you like to be heard, be rest assured that others like it too.

Start now to make a conscious effort to listen when others speak or you interact on social media. Always remember, we come from different backgrounds and have different orientations.

Be Tolerant.

Image Credit: 123RF


It’s so easy to get caught up in existence. The daily struggle to be who everyone wants and thinks you should be. You’ve probably gotten used to keeping up appearances but slowly, the real you fades away. Maybe it’s a tough call or a choice you have to make due to things that have happened to you or the benefits you gain from the dual appearances.

Maybe it’s OK; you wear those shoes and know better where it hurts. In all you do, always remember the real you; the kind, selfless, soft, loving you. That you you return to in the dead of the night when no one is around. That you casting a reflection when you stare at the mirror.

Remember, not everyone loves the sweet taste of apples or the tart taste of pineapples. Not everyone will like you for who you are. No one is perfect so live in your true form. People will come and go but the true ones stay. In all you do, don’t forget to live, love, cry, explore, laugh and be happy.

Image Credit: Hard Cider Reviews


Pressure! Sound familiar? ‘Your mates are doing well and you’re not. Your sister is married and you are still single. She is not even pregnant till now and she’s been married since’.

Pressure! Looks familiar? ‘Edidiong bought a Benz GLC last week. Okon built a duplex in Guzape some months ago. Kokomma posted pictures from Seychelles and Dubai’.

Pressure! Feels familiar? ‘I can’t afford the good things in life. I can’t buy the dress from CJ Allahandro. I can’t…’.

Pressure! Let off steam and breathe. You are doing just fine and there is room to be better; not to engage in fruitless tension and competition but to strive to be a better version of yourself.

The year unfolds before you. What you choose to do with it lies in the decision you make. Whatever you decide, don’t let the pressure of life get the best part of you.

Image Credit: Tech Tello


Can we sacrifice for people? If we say yes, how much can we really sacrifice especially for people we have no ties to? Naturally as humans, we seek gains and returns but, I met a man…

A man who agreed to leave His comfort zone to help others. A man who was rejected by His own people and taunted by the very custodians of laws and religious leaders. A man who healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons and did not discriminate between rich and poor, classy and classless. A man who did not care that He was betrayed by His friends and the very people He came to help. A man who was eventually killed for no justifiable reason. A man who ultimately, returned to His comfort zone and still promised to keep helping despite everything.

This is the man I met.

Looking at the life of the man I met, I see sacrifice, I see love, I see selflessness. Daily, I strive to be like this man; you should too whether or not a day or four is set aside to remember this man… A man far more valuable than Easter Egg.

Image Credit: Aleteia

Dear Christians, (Pt.3)

Christianity does not start and end in the church on Sunday morning. Being Christ-like should be part of you; embody Christ especially in your daily interactions with people.

We act the sweetest and ‘bless you sister, bless you brother’, but in our workplaces and public spaces, we exhibit characters that make people wonder if we are truly Christians that we claim to be.

We oppress our workers, inflate finance, lie and backbite yet we lift up ‘holy hands’ in the sanctuary. Our names are never mentioned in the same sentence with love, honesty and humility. We are the first to say, ‘Do you know who I am?’.

If our heavenly Father did as we do, the case would be different; He didn’t, so why do you? A new week unfolds with possibilities and life. Remember Matthew 7:12 in your dealings with people: Do to others what you would have them do to you.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abuja’s First Praise Rave

He called, I answered… Abuja’s No.1 Gospel DJ, DJ Ernesty, said to me, “Edima, I’m organising the first ever ‘Praise Rave’ and I’d like you to host the interview segment”. I could never say no to a man who has distinguished himself in the Christiandom and paved way for gospel DJing in Nigeria; a career spanning over 10 years. I certainly had to do this and it was totally awesome!