Today on my show, the crew analyzed a story on deceit and negligence, the ‘I don’t care’ attitude we possess as humans. It’s disheartening how we leave things undone because we believe someone else will get it done. Eventually if it’s done by someone else, we assume a new role: CRITICISM; pointing fingers and discrediting.

Have you sat back to ponder on the recent happenings around you? Have you wondered what little difference you can make in your own little capacity? One thing we all do seek for directly and indirectly: Positive change, though it may vary in different terms.

You hate the way the cleaner in your office smells: that’s fine but have you thought of buying a perfume or deodorant for her? You detest your grumpy neighbor: that’s perfect but have you tried smiling at him or her and simply asking: How are you today? Your boss is a total pain in the ass: that’s allowed but have you ever smiled at your boss when no one else is around? A simple ‘You look good madam’ Your tie is lovely sir’, can do the trick.

My father once told me: Mummy girl, there is more joy in doing something even when you are unsure of the results because if it turns out well, the same you will beat your chest and be proud of you. Really let’s look at it critically. You effect a change in your office, family, environment; you will want to tell as many people as you can that you made it happen or were a part of it.

Not everyone gets a second chance at life. Not everyone sleeps and wakes. Not everyone has the resources at your disposal and not everyone has your brain. So, now that you’re here, make it count, now that you’re here, start your own business. Now that you’re here, invest. Now that you’re here love and now that you’re here, be patriotic.

There is a call to serve Nigeria; a great call to save humanity. Don’t let the few people do all the work in rebuilding. Don’t let the cries of others not be your concern and don’t let the unkindness that is fast spreading amongst us be your sunrise.

Let the sun never set without you doing one thing for someone to show you care. Now I’m here and now that you’re here, this is my love song to you.


Image Credit: Certified Rental Building Program

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