There are so many ways to be seen, heard and remembered without being a nuisance. When you go out of your way to seek for attention in other not so cool ways, we all can figure out the end credit.

Cinderella was no lady deemed fit for a ball; just an orphan girl covered in dirt with little or no hope of being loved.

Some are relegated to the background maybe by family, friends, partners or circumstances of life so at every opening, they manage to convince themselves that this is the break they need. Maybe yes but what if no? What if it isn’t time to come out?

Wrong timing and decisions not only defeat the aim; it also destroys you. It could hamper your courage to ever try again.

So you wonder when to know the right time? I’ll tell you this: You will just know; that sense of peace and calm cannot be missed when you decide to be seen, heard and remembered so bid your time and HUSH BABY! HUSH!!


Image Credit: Public Domain

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