I’ve never been this excited about the start of a new year like I was when I bought my first dress with my own money.

I had saved every Naira I got as gift just to make enough money to pay for the dress after months of window shopping. At some point, the sales girl got weary of me keeping a close eye to be sure I didn’t shop lift but I cared not; for only I saw the bigger picture: Me in the dress with my hair hanging low.

Every day at the close of school, I’d take a walk to the store. Gently would I stroke the dress, careful not to crease it for the eyes of the sales girl roamed back and forth.  I’d talk to myself while admiring my dress.

‘Aniebiet’, you’ll wear this dress soon. As my money increased and the days drew near, my excitement couldn’t be contained.  Aniebiet: This dress is yours. The day came and the rest is history.

Fast forward to now, I’m going to treat the New Year as my first dress. I planned to buy it and saved towards it. I denied myself certain comforts because I needed the dress. I dreamed about wearing the dress and spoke what I wanted to see: me in it. So, I’ll plan, save, deny, dream and speak what I want to see in 2017.


Hello January, ARE YOU READY?


Image Credit: YouTube

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