I got to heaven’s gate yesterday weary and broken. I journeyed tirelessly in my mind but weak physically in my bones. The journey to heaven’s gate hadn’t been a smooth one. My best friend Idara told me she once tried but had an accident and couldn’t continue. My mother told me I am just a woman and need not embark on such a stressful journey. My father said it was only for the brave and I wasn’t courageous enough yet. In all of this, my mind was made up with the ultimate goal at hand.

I got to heaven’s gate yesterday, tired and sad; sad because the gate wasn’t what I expected. It was like the Great Wall of China; stretching left and right to distances beyond my sight. There I stood; confused on which way to go, not knowing who to ask for help for everyone seemed preoccupied with themselves.

Just as I turned to leave, dejected and unhappy, unwilling to come to terms with what loved ones had said, someone put his hand on my shoulder. “Mmayen, you are at heaven’s gate. The path you seek is yours to choose. Do what you must. Climb the gate if you must. Go left if you must. Go right if you must; for heaven’s gate is endless and the treasure you seek is behind heaven’s gate.

With his words, I found courage. Climb, I must.


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  1. It’s good to find come across a post like this, that shows the writer has common sense! You definitely made me think! Thanks-I wouldn’t have considered things this way otherwise. I have to share this…

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