“This year is too fast Didi. March is just something else. When did we say Happy New Year? Soon it will be Merry Christmas again”. “You forgot Easter in between and other holidays”, I chipped in. “That’s exactly what I’m saying Didi; you get the point and I haven’t even started doing all I said I’ll do this year”. “Sit down Edikan”, I said as I pulled a kitchen chair close to me and Edikan sat.

“Let me tell you a familiar story”.

“You know the ant?” “Who doesn’t know an ant?”.

“Keep being the Nigerian you are and answer question with question but sha hear my story”, I said jokingly. “The ant is wise. It knows a time might come when gathering food might be hard. What does it do? It toils day and night getting food, storing it and giving mother ant. It is not hibernating like some animals or waiting for an unfortunate prey. It sends its scouts to find the next food, ready to work hard and take”.

“What are you saying Didi, I’m lost?” Edikan interrupted. “What I’m saying is: Start now, start again. Plan and take action immediately. Don’t wait for opportunities to fall at your feet for it may not so go out and take it. A plan without execution is a wasted plan. Be prepared for the year will keep running because you’ve got no running shoes to run with it”.

“Edikan be like the ant or be better”.

With this, Edikan nodded slowly and got up. “I think I need fresh air”, she said.


Image Credit: Doowans

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