Growing up is still one missing part of a puzzle I have either not found or simply couldn’t solve.

Mother always had a way of sounding the alarm every time I acted ‘Childish’. Though her voice was tiny, it was firm enough to pass the message.

My pride was slaughtered many times, much more than I can even recall, yet, I still never grew up. I headed out to college at 18 and tried not to fidget in my MAC 121 class. Perhaps the lecturer was just mean or I simply ran out of luck for out of 51 students in the class that morning, it is me he picked to answer the question; to give an answer to a lecture I barely listened. ‘You have a lot of growing up to do’ he said, as my mouth parted but no words came forth.

Four years through college was enough for me to learn and grow. ‘Can Miss. Martha come forward to give her valedictory speech?’ I could visibly read the envy on people’s faces as I made my way to the stage.

The rest of the hours went by sluggishly as we impatiently waited for our Chancellor to give the closing remarks. ‘Now, ladies and gentlemen, you have allowed the school to pass though you, it’s time to pass through the world. The time has come to grow up… Ermmmm… is it just me? Did I hear him say ‘the grow up’ thing again?

I turned 25 yesterday and my colleagues at work threw a surprise party for me. My boss was called upon to say a few words. ‘Martha, it’s good to know you’re still growing. I wish you many more years’.

Tis then I concluded that growing up knows no bounds and has no limit. So, never be afraid, worried or upset when you’re told to grow up or you’re still growing. *WINK*


Image Credit: McKinsey

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